Evolve Into Something Even More Beautiful At The Butterfly Foundation

As a former news anchor and associate producer at CNN, Nancy Fitzgerald began her career covering unthinkable tragedies and heartwarming triumphs. It is these stories that inspired her to discover how she could make a difference, how she could really help people in great need and ultimately launch the Butterfly Foundation. It all started when one family she met while covering a local news story tugged at her heartstrings. She was able to fundraise for this family and those efforts made a life-altering impact on them and their local community. She saw what one small act of kindness could do and it inspired her to do more. Over the last 14 years, the Butterfly Foundation has provided support for those suffering from medical issues, cancer survivors, widows, families and children who have been struck by life’s misfortunes by aiding in the rebuilding of their lives. “It all started with one ask, one small donation to a family in dire need and it spiraled from there. I couldn’t get enough of giving,” shares Fitzgerald.But in 2014 while building the foundation, Fitzgerald tragically lost her husband Patrick in a bike accident that left her stunned from the sudden loss and completely grief-stricken. “It was unthinkable that this man who was so full of life and love would be killed. It’s still unthinkable, but I’ve learned to coexist with the loss and ask for help.” Through her pain and sadness, Fitzgerald put one foot in front of the other to help others, and in doing so, she helped herself.In 2020, Monica Torres was only 19 when her mom died of COVID-19 and she was left to care for her eight siblings. She was struggling to pay the water bill let alone anything else but her school counselor reached out to the Butterfly Foundation, which—with the help of Fitzgerald’s friends at Denver 7—were able to raise over $60,000 to help Torres and her siblings get back on their feet.“We are here to help bridge the gap between tragedy and triumph. Whether it’s paying off a car payment, nominating teachers who make a difference, supporting the mental health of first responders or working with families recovering from the Marshall Fires, Fitzgerald and the Butterfly Foundation are making a difference. Their goal is to help one family per quarter and increase that number annually. THE BUTTERFLY FOUNDATION 7257 S. Tucson Way, Centennial 720-709-7927 coloradobutterlfyfoundation.org Link to full article