National Teen Driver Safety Week – October 21-28, 2018

The Butterfly Foundation has received a Colorado Department of Transportation Grant (CDOT) grant that will enable us to not only advocate against Distracted Driving during National Teen Driver Safety Week, but continue this campaign throughout the year. Our team, working collaboratively with DriveSmart, will be conducting “Distracted Driving” Campaigns at local high schools and colleges throughout the metro area. These classes are the “What Do You Consider Lethal” curriculum that is evidence-based and shown to decrease motor vehicle crashes in young drivers.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, ahead of all other types of injury, violence, or disease. In fact, every day 6 teens are killed in a car crash. Unfortunately, though stats are now showing that the 19-25 age category has shown a marked increase in motor vehicle crashes due to young people delaying getting their driver’s license. We will be conducting presentations in college classes, trainings to peer educators, and “safety awareness” events to not only bring awareness to the problem of “Distracted Driving” but develop a mindset around prevention.

If you would like further information on “Distracted Driving” class presentations or trainings on the “What Do You Consider Lethal” curriculum, please contact Deborah Givray at 720-608-2345.