Anne Hanson

Anne Hanson’s daughter reached out to The Butterfly Foundation requesting if we could help support her mother after she had gone through a very rough patch in her life. Anne had gone through a divorce from her first husband, and her second husband left the family without any notice; leaving Anne struggling with three part-time jobs and caring for her son, Todd, who was 37 and suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Todd was completely wheelchair bound; perpetually living on feeding tubes and a vent. The Butterfly Foundation donated a state of the art computer to Todd that was equipped with a Gaze Tracking application which allowed him to communicate and interact with the world.Though this small gesture of help for Todd alleviated much of the reliance he had on his mother, the Butterfly Foundation did not stop there. Anne Hanson received complimentary therapy sessions, along with a beautiful makeover, that helped her feel like herself again. The main goal was to remind Anne that she was not on this journey alone, and that she will get through this rough time in her life feeling strong, confident, beautiful, and supported by her community. To watch her story Click Here