Lynda was a stage 3 breast cancer survivor and a Butterfly Foundation recipient. After undergoing numerous chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Lynda found herself constantly ill, exhausted, and she was disheartened by the fact that she could not recognize her own reflection in the mirror. She had lost all of her hair, and the chemotherapy had taken a huge emotional and physical toll on her. The Butterfly Foundation gave Lynda an extensive makeover that took six months to complete.

Her makeover included a CO2 Fraxel Laser procedure, and breast reconstruction. Healthier, stronger, more confident, and as beautiful as ever, Lynda is now feeling good about her health and her appearance.  To watch her story Click Here  

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Anne Hanson’s daughter reached out to The Butterfly Foundation requesting if we could help support her mother after she had gone through a very rough patch in her life. Anne had gone through a divorce from her first husband, and her second husband left the family without any notice; leaving Anne struggling with three part-time jobs and caring for her son, Todd, who was 37 and suffered from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Todd was completely wheelchair bound; perpetually living on feeding tubes and a vent. The Butterfly Foundation donated a state of the art computer to Todd that was equipped with a Gaze Tracking application which allowed him to communicate and interact with the world.

Though this small gesture of help for Todd alleviated much of the reliance he had on his mother, the Butterfly Foundation did not stop there. Anne Hanson received complimentary therapy sessions, along with a beautiful makeover, that helped her feel like herself again. The main goal was to remind Anne that she was not on this journey alone, and that she will get through this rough time in her life feeling strong, confident, beautiful, and supported by her community. To watch her story Click Here

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Launa Stiles was devastated when she had lost the love of her life, Sgt. Jonnie L. Stiles, due to a roadside bombing in Afghanistan while he was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Sgt. Stiles was a true hero that protected his country’s freedom with passion and love in his heart, and he had made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and his family.

The Butterfly Foundation, along with Solera Salon, wanted to show how much we appreciate our troops and their families. Though it was a small gift of thanks for the families that have supported our heroes, this is a heart warming story of a true community in action. To watch her story Click Here

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Susan Gibson reached out to The Butterfly Foundation after the untimely death of her fiancé, Douglas. Understandably, she was grief stricken with loneliness and despair after losing her best friend. Susan had recently moved to Denver, and she needed help with the daunting task of remodeling her condo by herself.

The Butterfly Foundation stepped in to lend a helping hand by supporting her emotionally, and contributing to the small task of her condo being remodeled, which proved to be a huge relief for Susan. We were happy to help put a smile on her face again!

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The Butterfly Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to helping women and families in need, donated two cars bought at cost by iFleetDIRECT to a struggling family as part of the 10-year anniversary celebration for iLendingDIRECT (the business formerly operated as Fleet Financial). Nancy Fitzgerald, who heads all three organizations, made the presentation to the Quenzer family on August 8th, 2016 at the company’s Centennial, Colorado headquarters.

The Quenzer family suffered a devastating setback early this year when their five-year-old son, Preston, was hit by oncoming traffic while walking to the grocery store with his brothers. Now helping Preston recover from severe brain injuries that have virtually incapacitated him, they needed reliable transportation both to get to work each day and a vehicle large enough to help take Preston to his medical appointments. The Butterfly Foundation donated a 2013 Toyota Sienna and a 2012 Ford Fusion, generously provided by iFleetDIRECT; to the Quenzer family.

Nancy Fitzgerald, President and CEO of ilendingDIRECT, calls the ceremony bittersweet. Established almost ·8 years ago while Nancys working as a news anchor reporting exclusively on distressing stories, the Butterfly Foundation helps families deal with extreme hardships and those who have ‘slipped through the cracks.’ Nancy knows all too well about loss and devastating circumstances as she lost her husband Patrick Fitzerald three years ago to a distracted driver while he was riding his bicycle home from work one evening. “While I will always miss Patrick, I am gratified by this opportunity to give back to the local community,” she said. ‘The Quenzers have been rocked by tragedy and deserve our support as they navigate this heartbreaking misfortune. Philanthropy is one of my company’s mission values, and purchase and refinancing of vehicles is what we do, so helping them just made sense. It’s our duty and privilege to give back.”

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